Effective Potty Training Tips for Parents

Your little toddler is still wearing diapers? Yes, one of the earliest challenges of a parent is to potty train his or her kid. You have probably already done several attempts to no avail and are on the verge of giving up. Or perhaps you have not even started yet because you are totally clueless on how to go about it. Whatever your situation is, the important thing is to have that genuine desire to acquire potty training tips that will surely aid you in the famous toilet transition for your little one.

The Power of Music

One of the most effective potty training tips, according to a lot of parents’ testimonials, is using music as an instrument. After all, very young children are naturally drawn to sounds and songs. Why not buy a musical potty trainer chair which launches into a happy song each time your child sits down? Or you can try coming up with a song that tells about going to the potty when the need arises. Then you let your kid get used to hearing this song and to eventually singing it or humming it every time he or she needs to go.

Reward System

Of course the reward system works like magic for most, if not all children. Perhaps you already have an idea about the toys, activities, and other things that your child loves. Use these to draw him or her closer to the potty chair. For example, you can ask your child to choose a toy which can only be played after he or she sits on the potty. Or you can have a book that is to be read only upon sitting on the potty. There are also some parents who promise to give something such as chocolates or stickers once their kid goes to the potty.

Plenty of Praises

Children love praises. Saying encouraging words like “You should be really proud of yourself!” or “You certainly did a great job” or “You’re a big boy now!” is truly helpful and effective. When it comes to potty training tips, this is one of the most frequently used that leads to a wonderful outcome. Some parents also clap to show their support, happiness, and appreciation along with the praises.

Flushing Amazement

Little kids are naturally amazed with the flush of the toilet especially when they can hear the sound and see what is going on. Allow your child to flush the toilet after he uses it. Make sure to emphasize that this can only be done when he goes to the potty or uses the toilet. This is not only one of the best potty training tips ever, but it also develops a good habit. Hence, you should definitely consider trying it out with your son or daughter.

Generally, these potty training tips can work well with different children. However, you must also determine which one is most suitable and effective for your own child, depending on his or her personality and interests.


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