How to Start Potty Training-The Basic Rule

Potty training can be a tedious activity for most parents. Not only do they consider the readiness of their toddlers, they also have to take into account the proper attitude towards the training.

How to start potty training could be that question of every doting parent. Remember that the training for every child may differ from each other depending on the maturity of his bladder or his physical readiness. As a parent, you only need to pay attention to telltale details which will alert you on your child’s readiness. It need not be anything contrary to traditional or conventional wisdom, a toddler will show early signs that he is ready to let go of the diapers and he is ready to use the potty or the toilet in order to pee or to poo. The earlier you start with the training, the better are the results.

Potty Training – What are the Rules

Spontaneity is the key. Take it from your child’s perspective if he wants to dispense of his nappy before peeing. Some common symptoms which would tell you that they are ready to potty train are taking off their nappy when it becomes wet, being moody about wearing a full diaper and being curious, or sometimes obsessed, about the potty they have in their room. When a child becomes aware of pulling up his pants, it is a bright sign that he is ready to do the training. Pulling up his pants is harder than pulling it down so, having this consciousness makes it more mature for them to understand the idea of changing his pants or underwear when it becomes wet or soiled.

Introduce this activity to your child in a gradual manner. Before any regression in toilet training, remember to explain to your child that it may help them unload the dirt if they actually pull off their diapers and proceed to the potty. Make it clear to him that he will outgrow having wet diapers in the long run. You can also tell them that he will feel relaxed when he is able to empty his bladder. Although they may have difficulty comprehending the science that comes to potty training, you can start by saying that it will make him feel good or even better.

Be cautious about your child’s fancy towards the potty because this may led to distraction causing you not to help him anymore in doing the training. Ensure that you exercise the potty activity with consistency. Do not give him the impression that sometimes it is alright to pee in their pants and sometimes not. You can subtly reprimand them when they soil or pee in their nappies when you already commenced the potty training proper.

Praise them when they do fantastic things like asking you if they want to go or when they pee at the potty without your assistance. Show him how happy you are at how well potty-trained he is. You may resort to an incentive system as well as a form of reinforcement. Take advantage of the basics of how to start potty training and use these as your everyday guide.


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