How to Toilet Train a Baby – The Four-Step Rule

Babies can get scared when you prep them for real toilet training . Even so, there are ways on how to toilet train a baby without rushing him to it. Your kid will eventually switch from his diapers to underpants if you introduce the toilet training in a fun way.

How to teach Your Baby Use the Toilet

First, select a start date when you will display the cute potty at the corner of his room. Watch your baby’s patterns in peeing or pooing. You can pay close attention on how often he soils his nappy or how often he goes to the bathroom. His elimination patterns will inspire you to choose the start day for his training. You can also do the training when you have no errands to attend to on that day. If you were able to choose a date, keep the portable potty close to the training area or ensure that the toilet is nearby and easy to access.

Second, condition your child to refrain from using the diaper. Practice letting him be in his underwear without a diaper. Make it exciting for him by shopping cute underpants which he would like best. It’s important that the underwear is easy to pull up and down so that it won’t add to the stress when he falls into tantrums. Your child is ready can sit for a certain period of time or if he can let go of his nappies. Some kids do not like to wear their diapers especially during daytime, so you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Third, consider healthy food choices for your baby. Having fiber in his meals will make his bowel movement regular. Constant dehydration will also make the toilet training. Your baby needs to hydrate in order for him not to constipate.

Fourth, remember that when your child is in the mood to do the training, let him sit in the potty for approximately five minutes. If your child chooses to use the toilet rather than the mobile potty , you need to provide a step for him to stand on. You may also take into account wiping his bottom at first then, you can assist him in doing so the next couple of times. In wiping the bottoms for little girls, wipe from the front to the back. For little boys, teach him to shake off the tiny drops of urine after peeing. If this is a little messy, you can let him sit while peeing in the early days of toilet training.

The key is not to force him to do the toilet training while your child is not willing to cooperate with this project. Finally, teach your child to observe cleanliness. Teach him the proper hand washing techniques after each toilet trip.

It is good to get into the basics of how to toilet train a baby in his early formative years. While it may take a year or two to perfect the training and to make it part of the routine but getting your child to do it will be a great start.


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