Infant Potty Training Tips and Tricks

The two key words which are important in infant potty training are consistency and persistence. You don’t have to be perfect the first time you try it on your child. Introduce this act to your child in a gradual manner and don’t forget to make it fun for your child as well. Here are potty training tips which you can begin doing:

1. Look for the signal which indicates he wants to go potty. Some kids would love to engage in a game while doing the potty training so, you can start from there. There are devices like pee or poo alarms which can aid you in keeping up with your child’s pace. While your infant may not start the training at the same time with other infants, pushing them to do it may lead to uncontrollable tantrums. So, don’t get them upset and wait for the telltale signs from your kid’s own acts.

2. Develop a success chart. An incentive every time he successfully does the potty training will make him determined to do it every time. This will eventually coincide with his excitement to do the training when he wants to or pee. Allow him to enjoy his favorite little toy when he pees in the potty the right way.

3. Involve other family members such as his siblings, aunts or grandparents in your kid’s success. Don’t make him feel embarrassed when he wants to pee or poo in his potty. Orient your family members not to tease him when he does not do it right. Encourage your child not to be ashamed when he feels like going to the potty.

4. Refrain from giving him any hint of anger or punishment whenever he goes to the potty the wrong way. Put in extra patience when your kid gets anxious about the training. There’s no need to fret over small accidents along the way. If you feel that he still needs a hand in going to the potty, give it some time. Repeated positive reinforcement will make him confident to go by himself without assistance.

5. Get into the habit of understanding your child’s rhythm. Just like eating, going to the bathroom follows the body’s physiological rhythm so, take note of this interval. Your little kid may also have regular intervals of going to the potty. Observe this carefully with your infant. Though this interval may vary from one kid to another, having this figured out in his early development years would help him grow up with a healthy digestive system

6. Get him involved in shopping for new underwear or disposable pull-up trainer pants. There are disposable pull-ups which are easy to pull up and down. Plus, it can hold the pee when your child takes the mistake of peeing in his underwear and these trainers are easier to deal with.

The infant potty training can take a lot of patience. If you notice that your kid can do it on his own without involving so much of your time of attention, then, you can take it from there.


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